"Printing across borders" - how it all got started

It all started in Arhus, Denmark, on November 24, 2004: Bo Astrup and Jo Brunenberg from the Ghent Workgroup, Olaf Drümmer from the European Color Initiative and Don Hutcheson from GRACoL and a few others sat together discussing the current state of printing standards. While there are international printing standards in the form of ISO 12647 and related standards from ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) they are not known or even implemented that well at least in some regions. In addition, in most regions there is little knowledge about what exactly is going on in other regions of the world.

It became obvious that something needed to be done about this. A few months later, Olaf Drümmer sent out an invitation for a meeting labelled “Printing across borders” to several hundred industry experts all over the world. Nearly fifty industry experts decided to join the meeting held on May 8th, 2005, in London.

The London meeting turned out to be a huge success, and all attendees agreed to join forces and get the necessary work and discussion started in order to achieve internationally recognized and implemented universal printing standards across all regions.

This web site is dedicated to support and document the work of the “Printing across borders” initiative.

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